Monday, January 5, 2009


Theme :


Interactive entertainment:


Flower Buddha

Target Audience:

4 – 7 years old children




  1. To collect power in order to get through the gateways faster
  2. To uplift into another level
  3. To obtain advanced power
  4. To rescue a friend from monsters


single player


The main character- Flower Buddha is assigned by the Cosmos Lord to accomplish an impossible mission. The mission is about to procure the Bible of the World from the West nation. The bible is to rescue the world from evil power. He has to pass through a desert guarded by the notorious Monsters and their followers in order to get it. Along the journey, he will face a lot of difficulties from the attack of the monsters. However, Flower Buddha was awarded a special weapon “lotus”, which is a type of flower to protect himself from the attack. Along the way, he can also use the flower to break through obstacles and uplift his power. Eventually he has to face the five monsters one by one. When he has successfully defeated them, he can finally save the world.

Game play :

Arrow keys : left, right, up, down

Spacebar : Flower


This game is about breaking through obstacles to achieve the main goal. It is a 2D maze environment game which is very similar to ‘Bomberman’. There are five key monsters. Player has to defeat the key monsters one by one in different level. It is considered a simple and fun game. The difficulty level will increase along with the level upgrade.

Software required:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Game Maker 7.0 Pro
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3
  • Image Icon Converter

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