Thursday, January 8, 2009

digitalizing game assets

At this stage, I am creating some game assets to replace the bombs, powerups, etc. The purple color item is actually an image of a lotus seed. It is the "fireup" asset.

These lotus in different colors have different powers.
Red : powerbomb
Pink : bomb
Yelllow : getpower
Blue : bomb up

This is one of the gimmicks I have created using Photoshop.
They have to be very small in size : 16x16px. Thus the pixelated image.

Next, I am creating the soft block. Do not missunderstand it as an image of a puppy head. It is actually a creature with 2 eyes and 2 legs. no hands and no mouth.

This is how i draw using pen tool in photoshop. I first drew in a4 paper and i scanned it.
This was supposed to be the buddha image. But later on, i have modified it into a simpler and cuter version. so that it suits my audience : the 4-7 years old kids.

The final visualisation in digital of my main character.
simple color and lines and shapes.

The process of editting in photoshop.
At times I got really mad dealing with these files.
The ones in pencil drawing are the side view and back view of the buddha.

Back look of the buddha done!
I saved them all in .tiff format and basically all in very small size :
not more than 30x30 pixels in 72 dpi. When i reduce the size it definitly got blur.
But that was okay. because the character in my game was small in the game's actual size.

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