Thursday, January 8, 2009

Concept board

The Concept Board.

Thank you.

Test out screen

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

Option 7

Finally, I chose Option 5 as my final submission.

Main reference

The PSP Bomberman Land helps me a lot throughtout this whole project. I get most of my inspirations and ideas from it. From character design to game assets to screen, it provides me the best reference.

sketches in A4

A simple sketch for screen and gimmicks.^^
More graphics were created in the digitalization part.

game asset: Speedup power. I thought of replacing the 'car' in Bomberman with this " speedup cloud". This is the first version of my idea.
In the final, the speedup cloud is slightly different.

Buddha sketches:

From the first sketch to second sketch, buddha transform into cuter version.
(front view)

(side view)

(back view)

Lotus sketches:

simplification of the lotus.


From the reference above, the main character of my game : Flower Buddha.
below is the digitalized versions.

The main assets of my game: the lotus (bomb).
I took reference of the lotus from google.
Below is the digitalized version which consists frame by frame animatic sequence of each item.

Here are some gimmicks in different colors and graphics.
I have only chosen a set of gimmicks for the soft block, hard block and the melt block.

The background paper of my FlowerBuddha game.
Generally I use checkered floor. It is an idea from the PSP version Bomberman Land.
It looks tidy and nice.

These are all that I have created.
Nicely arranged.

digitalizing game assets

At this stage, I am creating some game assets to replace the bombs, powerups, etc. The purple color item is actually an image of a lotus seed. It is the "fireup" asset.

These lotus in different colors have different powers.
Red : powerbomb
Pink : bomb
Yelllow : getpower
Blue : bomb up

This is one of the gimmicks I have created using Photoshop.
They have to be very small in size : 16x16px. Thus the pixelated image.

Next, I am creating the soft block. Do not missunderstand it as an image of a puppy head. It is actually a creature with 2 eyes and 2 legs. no hands and no mouth.

This is how i draw using pen tool in photoshop. I first drew in a4 paper and i scanned it.
This was supposed to be the buddha image. But later on, i have modified it into a simpler and cuter version. so that it suits my audience : the 4-7 years old kids.

The final visualisation in digital of my main character.
simple color and lines and shapes.

The process of editting in photoshop.
At times I got really mad dealing with these files.
The ones in pencil drawing are the side view and back view of the buddha.

Back look of the buddha done!
I saved them all in .tiff format and basically all in very small size :
not more than 30x30 pixels in 72 dpi. When i reduce the size it definitly got blur.
But that was okay. because the character in my game was small in the game's actual size.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reference/ credit